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Sit back and enjoy the action for yourself. This match between two incredible teams won’t disappoint. You can view the cases here.

Case A:

Delirium and Responsibility

Case B:

School Van Vandal

Anatomy of a Match

Past Cases

2022 Regional Cases

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  1. Restricting Job Applications
  2. Should You Shop Online
  3. Giving Money to The Homeless
  4. Is Tourism Immoral
  5. Child Marriage in Canada
  6. Reproducing in a Populated World

2022 National Cases

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  1. Do We Need Billionaires?
  2. Pride and Rainbow Capitalism
  3. Mother and Cub: Lessons in Tiger Parenting
  4. Prenatal Testing
  5. The Science of Tolerating Dissent
  6. No Laughing Matter

    2023 Regional Cases

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    1. The School Vandal
    2. Territorial Acknowledgements 
    3. Delirium and Responsibility 
    4. Compassionate Robots 
    5. 21st Century Laws of Armed Conflict 
    6. Thinking Outside The Blue Box

    2023 National Cases

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    1. How Should We Cover Crime?
    2. Civil Disobedience
    3. ‘Doing’ vs ‘Being’ Good
    4. Canadian Monarchy?
    5. Being Good Friends with Bad People
    6. Authenticity and The End of Art

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    2024 Regional Cases

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    2024 National Cases

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    Advice from a Pro

    Knowing where to start is difficult. But it doesn’t need to be. Learn how a former ethics bowl team captain led their team to victory.

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