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Welcome to the 2023-2024 Season

Here we go!

Readers of this message are fully registered members of the 2023-2024 Ontario Ethics Bowl. Welcome! We are delighted to have you. You are currently on the exclusive, back-end side of the Ethics Bowl Canada website. As the season progresses, this section of the website will be teams’ go-to place for exclusive content like cases, training videos, exhibition matches, and region-specific information. The Ethics Bowl wishes you and your students an enriching experience this season. May the power of well-reasoned ideas be with you all!


Wisdom from an OEB Judge

Professor Rattan believes the Ethics Bowl represents the answer to a future filled with questions. Fostering an orientation for the truth, Professor Rattan contends that the Ethics Bowl provides students with opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills not just to enhance their career ambitions, but to develop as well-rounded, human beings. 

Key Contact:

Jeffrey Senese

Co-General Manager, Ethics Bowl Canada

University of Toronto, Mississauga



The Ethics Bowl isn’t simply about helping students think abstractly about moral dilemmas, though that’s important. At its best, the bowl is really about enacting moments of personal and social transformation in the lives of actual, young people. 

" —

Jeffrey Senese