The Ontario Championship

Opening Ceremony

The lights were dimmed, the audience fell silent, and this video kicked-started what would be an extraordinary weekend.

Director Jeffrey Senese welcomed the audience, Dean and Professor, Nick Rule, delivered a heart-felt speech on the importance of ethical conversations, and Professor Gurpreet Rattan spoke on how activities like the ethics will help from falling into a solipsistic world.

Five super-star alumni/organizers: Jess Strachan, Alador Bereketab, Jack Gillies, Ellen Edmons-Whyte, and Glenda Fu, took over the stage and to end proceedings by offering the participants words of advice, from a student’s perspective!

After that, the event was officially on! 

Champions: Assumption Catholic Secondary School (Windsor, Ontario)

After four years of fierce ethics bowl participation, Coach Jeremy Bracken’s team, The Socrates Smarties, have secured ethics bowl glory, becoming the fifth team to lift the prestigious OC trophy.

When asked before the finals how his team was feeling, Coach Bracken said: “I feel calm because I know how much work they put in. . . and I know they approached these cases from four-five different angles. . .and sitting in the crowd I am nervous, but I also know this a great team.”

Coach Bracken’s confidence was well-placed as his team went on to deliver incisive arguments, earning all three judge votes and moving on to represent Ontario at the National Ethics Bowl championship in May.

Assumption Socrates Smarties with the OC trophy and Director Jeff Senese

Socrates Smarties (Assumption Catholic Secondary School) 2024 OC CHAMPIONS

Watch the Championship Match

Ontario Co-Champions

The Socratic Sisters of Humberside Collegiate (Toronto) are this year’s runner’s-up and will join the Socrates Smarties as Ontario’s co-representatives at the 2024 National Ethics Bowl championship in May.

Humberside and Assumption, 2024 co-representatives for Ontar

Key Contact:

Jeffrey Senese

Co-General Manager, Ethics Bowl Canada

University of Toronto, Mississauga



The ethics bowl isn’t simply about helping students think abstractly about moral dilemmas, though that’s important. At its best, the bowl is really about enacting moments of personal and social transformation in the lives of actual, young people. 

" —

Jeffrey Senese




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